Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Posted 7-22-17
I teach one of the pre-k classes at a private preschool and kindergarten.  Our class had just gotten a new member who had never been in daycare or school before. So all during center time, Jeffrey followed me around crying and asking “mama’s coming?”. Nothing I or the other teacher could do would calm him down.

He finally settled down after a while, but the first thing the next morning he started in again with the “mama’s coming?”. After about ten minutes of me assuring him that his mother would return, one little girl walked right up to him and said (very loudly) “YES! Your mama’s coming!” and walked away. Jeffrey was so shocked that he stopped being upset and just looked at her like she had lost her marbles!

I teach four-year-olds. Throughout the school year, I made note of all the funny sayings that the kids said. Most of these sayings were said during free play time while the children were playing dress-up.

One day the kids were talking about mommy’s and daddy’s getting married. They were on the subject about wedding rings. One little girl said that “men don’t wear rings”. A little boy playing with her replied: “on wedding days, they do.”

One little girl in my room had the hardest time playing one day. She kept running away from her friends and standing behind a tree. I finally asked her “what’s the matter”. She replied by saying: “every time I wear these overalls, I get a wedgies”. I died laughing.

Me and this same little girl had a conversation during art one day. We were painting pigs for a project and the girl got paint all over herself. I told her: “now you look like a little piggy; let’s get you cleaned up.” “Look, you have some on you too,” she responded. “it will come off,” I said. “I don’t know. I don’t think it comes off chocolate.” I thought this was the cutest remark that a child could make.

One day at lunch, a three-year-old boy was gathering everyone’s apple seeds. When I asked him why he replied, “To feed the squirrels and chickenmunks.”

A child was playing with the Barbies. His Barbie drove in a car to the store. The Barbie was returning home when the child stopped and said, “I forgot the cigarettes.” I said to the child, “You know Andy, cigarettes are very unhealthy.” His response was, “Don’t worry. I won’t smoke them in here.”

One day while we were outside playing on the structure, my husband stopped by because he forgot his keys. The children all flocked to the fence because my husband is a soldier and was in uniform. I gave him the keys and he walked back to the car. Another car pulled up and another soldier got out. The children got very excited. One little boy asked me, “Is that your other one?”

I have also worked with 2-year-olds. One two-year-old had a bowel movement in the potty. It had curled into a spiral shape. The child stood up and said, “Look, Crystal, I did a fancy poop.”