Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Posted 07/23/2017

Several years ago, I was the director of a church-run nursery and day care.  We had a before/after school kindergarten group that stayed with us in the morning until it was time for school. The teacher of that group always made lists on lined notebook paper. One day she sent a little girl up to my office for a piece of paper with lines. The little girl came upstairs with a very questioning look in her eye. She said, “Ms. Laura wants a piece of paper and wine. I’m not sure what she wants the wine for.” Of course, I knew she meant a piece of paper with lines and nearly fell off of my chair with laughter. “Ms. Laura” laughed hysterically as well.

One day while driving my home daycare kids to take the school kids to school, one of my 5 yr olds says, “Boy you know, your van is a lot slower than my mom’s!” I had to chuckle when I told her mom that afternoon.

I work in a center-based daycare. One of our boys had a kidney disorder and needed to use a bathroom quite frequently. We were at a neighborhood park when he announced he needed to go potty. Since bathrooms were not readily available I took him over to a tree and stood so the other children would not see what he was doing. While he was peeing on the tree, he told me that this was the same tree he and his mommy used when they came to the park!

I took my 2-year-olds to the zoo on a bus for a field trip. On the way to the zoo, we passed the local gentlemen’s club (a big purple building). The boy sitting in the seat with me tugged on my shoulder and told me “that’s where my daddy works out. One night my mom was really angry that he was working out and we all had to wait in the car while she went in to get him.” It took all my might to keep from laughing!

One of the kindergarten children had a cousin who had broken his or her collarbone. Another child asked if they could still see color with the color bone being broken:)

My 4-year-old students were discussing one day about their dads’ jobs. One boy, whose dad is an ob-gyn said” my dad delivers babies” so another boy asked him “where? to the store”

I work with three and four-year-olds at a daycare/preschool. We had started letting the children serve themselves on days when lunch was not very messy. The children loved to serve themselves. Every day the kids would ask if they could serve themselves. One little girl didn’t completely get it. She kept saying, “Teacher, can we go surfing?”

I was working on animal pictures and sounds with my early childhood class one day when I came to a picture of a duck. When I looked at a little boy and asked him if he knew what it was, he said very simply, “Afflac”:)