Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Posted 7-26-17
When my daughter was three, we took a family vacation to Washington DC.  Because we didn’t know the town, we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel.  During our journey, the driver was pointing out different landmarks.  We came up to a very gothic looking building and he said: “That’s the IRS headquarters.”  My daughter quickly replied, “Oooooh, that’s where monsters live!”  We laughed the rest of the way to our hotel.

I was doing my student teaching at a Head Start program. All of us were sitting at the table eating lunch. One of the girls in my class asked me to pass her the “cotton cheese” I giggled and explained to her it was called “cottage cheese” she giggled and said that doesn’t make sense. I thought to myself it does look like cotton.

One day, while cleaning up after my children’s lunchtime, I noticed that our recycling bin smelled really badly. A co-worker walked in, noticed it as well, and asked, “what is that?”. At the same time, one of my 3-year-olds walked out of the bathroom, and having overheard, said, completely seriously, “It’s my feet, I took my socks off”!

My class was working on a puzzle of the food pyramid.  In one piece is a can with a fish on the front (Tuna). One child asked the others “what is this?” and someone answered, “that’s tuna fish”. The first child then asked, “what’s tuna fish?” A little boy very seriously replied, “Oh, it’s fish that’s been tuna-ed”.

I teach 4-year-old Kindergarten. One of my little guys, Jason, cute with bright red hair and freckles and a “real challenge” who said what ever popped into his head and was really quick on his feet. The church I worked at had Ladies Bible Study every Wednesday. One Wednesday we were walking back from the lunch room, Jason was our leader and I was walking in front of him. We got to the door to enter the preschool building just as a “very” large woman came out. Jason said (in a loud voice) “WHAT A.. I quickly turned around to look at him and gave him a “don’t you dare” look! He smiled at me and finished his sentence with “beautiful woman.” Needless to say, I could not keep a straight face. Like I said, “He’s quick on his feet!!”

I teach a class of 4 and 5-year-olds, and one day one little boy seemed to be concentrating very hard on the blank computer screen. I went over to ask him what he was doing and he said “Oh nothing…I’m just buying a motorcycle off the internet…It was one of the cutest things I had ever heard!

Last year, I lost my voice. I was told I couldn’t use it for 10 days to avoid losing it completely. So during circle time, my aide told my class that I had lost my voice. After circle time, little Naomi tugged on my skirt to get my attention. As I bent down to listen to her, she whispered to me, “Did you look under your bed?”