Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Posted 7-30-17
I teach 4&5-year-olds and at that age, they always talk about getting married.

One day Hannah said she was going to marry Bryce. I asked her what Ms. Karen’s rule about marriage was and all the kids replied, “You have to finish College first”! Well, one boy groaned, and Hannah said “Oh, College is fun. You get to go to the donut store in the middle of the night in your jammies!

This is a small story that came to me from a parent. Her son ( who is in my class 3 years old) had just been drawing on the walls of a freshly painted house. She sat him down and started to explain to him that this was not ok and that he was going to spend time in a timeout.  Just then, he looked up at her and said..” Mom, You’re so pretty, you look just like Cinderella. He got out of this time out and we all still get a laugh out of it.

While playing with the various utensils in the play dough bin, Russell, a very precocious 3-year-old, inquired as to the function of a particular utensil. I replied that the instrument could be used to make “hair” or “spaghetti.” Russell looked at me with great sympathy and explained to his disillusioned teacher that the utensil was quite simply a garlic press.

During circle time we were discussing Springtime and the weather, and the question that I asked my 3 year olds was, “Who can tell me what happens when it rains?” One little boy raised his hand and said, “My Cable goes out.” (smile).

I work with a preschool group. One day during snack time we had muffins, and as we were passing them around, I started to open the milk.  I noticed that a child had no longer a muffin on the table or did not seem to be chewing it. So I asked, “Kallie what happened to your muffin?” She did not respond. I started to look under the table, on the floor, everywhere around her.  After asking her about two more times where she threw it. She finally responded, “I throwed it in my mouth”!

I teach a before- and after-school program at a daycare. One morning I needed to drive the children to school in an old red van instead of the usual white bus that was being used by an affiliated church group. The director later entered my classroom to inform me that the church group called to say that the white bus had broken down. Four-year-old Chelsea sighed, “Miss Jodi, it’s a sad day for our bus.”

During our lesson on “How We Have Grown” we were putting together a baby made out of paper. A mother came to the class to visit. She asked us what we were doing. Little Skyler said. “Oh, we are just in here making babies”.

I teach a wonderful group of 4 and five year-olds in my home-preschool. Today during Rhyme Time we were reciting “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.” One little girl was giving it her by saying, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With silver bells and taco shells and pretty caves all in a row.” We all laughed and joined her in reciting the nursery rhyme “Megan-style!”

I work in a Day Care Center in a Preschool Room. Our unit for the week was Letter Recognition. I was putting together a chart at home for the next day at school. At the top, it said, “What Is Your Favorite Letter.” While working on this, my six-year-old daughter came over to me, read it and said: “Mommy, guess what my favorite letter is.” I decided to play along with her and imagined a couple of letters and each time I was followed by a “no.” Finally, I asked her what her favorite letter was, and she said “A.” I asked, “Why A”? And she said “No mommy just A.

I have a preschool in my home. The other day my neighbor’s boy who comes to my preschool came over to play with my 5-year-old. He said he would like to watch a movie. I asked what he wanted to watch and he told me “Embarrassing Bears.” I was not sure what movie he was referring to until my son said the one where they make a mess and clean it up. I had a hard time not laughing out loud when I realized he wanted Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room. Now we always refer to it as the Embarrassing Bears. Kids are sure fun.