Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

While our pre K class was outside playing. The wind began to blow and the white tree blossoms began to fall. One child runs over and exclaims “it’s snowing blossoms”. The kids all got excited and played with some “snow” in Eastern North Carolina where we do not get much snow.

It was rest time’s and I was rubbing Kyle’s back when he looked up at me and said, “When you rub my back it feels like sugar”. My heart melted.

It was the end of the day and I was talking to a new parent that had just started their child at our center. When another student of mine came out and said: “Miss Kim I went poopie on the potty and it was 30 lbs.” The parent laughed and I turned a dark shade of red. That was something for the journal book. All I can say is out of the mouth of babes… (HaHa)

Today at school we practiced our tornado drill. One of my three-year-olds cried through the whole thing. When I asked her why she was crying she popped her head up and said, as only she can, “I don’t have to do this, I don’t want to do this, Take me back to the room! I calmly explained that we were only practicing but we could not get up until the principal told us to. She continued to cry until we went back into the room. After everything had calmed down and we were on the playground I asked her why she was so upset about the tornado drill. She calmly stated, “There was no tornado so we didn’t have to be on our knees.” I asked her how she knew there was no tornado. In a shocked voice she replied, “Mrs. Lisa, the school wasn’t shaking or flying away! She was completely right and all the staff got a good laugh!

Today while our pre-school children were eating lunch one of my co-teachers and I were discussing what we were going to be doing this weekend and if we could get together for a day. I asked her if she could not go where we wanted to go what would she do? She said that she would go window shopping. That’s when one of our children said ” Why do you have to buy new windows?” We could not stop laughing.

During circle time my students are often finding “treasures” on our rugs such as beads or sparkles. So one day while my assistant was asking me a question I heard one student say, “Here Cindy this is for you.” I said thank you to the boy and put out my hand while still looking at my assistant. It was then I actually heard the rest of his sentence, what he actually said was, “Here’s a booger for you Cindy!” My assistant still laughs as to how calm I was when I said, “Next time please use a tissue instead of Cindy’s hand!” I have since learned to look at what the students are handing to me before taking them. 🙂

It was outside time at our school when a little boy was standing in the corner rubbing his eye’s. I walked up to him and noticed his eyes were watering, I asked him why he was crying, His response was, “I’m not crying, my eyes are sweating!”