Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Prior to working in daycare, I worked in an elementary school. A staff member in the kindergarten class was pregnant. She wasn’t feeling well and had to sit down. A child approached her and asked, “Would you like me to call your mom?” That same woman had complications with the pregnancy and had to go to Winnipeg (a nearby city) to have the baby. The following year my mom went to work at that same school. I was no longer there. She told the children that she was my mom. One child asked her where I was. She told the child that I had moved to Winnipeg. “Is she having a baby?” I was not.

I was waiting for the bus with some of the older kids at my center who go to public school. Now I have this little boy who is fascinated with trucks, buses, etc. So I brought him along to wait with us. Well, the bus was running a little late so I began to say “where is that bus” And my little preschooler looked up at me and said, “Yeah where is that damn bus!” I almost fell on the floor laughing and he just kept saying it until I finally could stop laughing and give him a new way to say it without the not so nice word:)

While drawing a picture on the outdoor chalkboard, I asked a little one to tell me about her picture. She said it was her baby brother. New to the center, I asked her how old her brother was. She remarked he was a year old. I asked her if she helps with feeding, keeping in mind this little girl was four years old. She said no that he fed himself his bottle. I then proceeded in asking her if she helped feed him when he was a little baby. It was then that this little one alarmed me with a touch of mother nature. Her answer was “no mommy’s boobies fed him.”

I teach 4-year-olds and one day while on the playground, my partner teacher noticed one of our little boys on the top of the monkey bars peeing across the playground and other children running underneath it. When we went out to stop it, my partner teacher asked, “What are you doing”, the child responded, Don’t worry Mrs. Hopson, we’re on fire and he’s the fireman! We couldn’t help but laugh!

My class was eating lunch and the menu that day contained applesauce.  One of the children was having a difficult time eating the rest of his meal without his hand touching the applesauce. After finally becoming very frustrated over this he sighed loudly and firmly shouted, “can’t a man just eat his lunch without getting applesauce on his fingers?” Needless to say, this little “man” had us all laughing.