Preschool Open House

Preschool open house Idea: This year for our preschool open house we are doing the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom look Who is in our preschool room. We are having a scavenger hunt around the classroom looking for alphabet letters related to the specific centers. For instance,they would look for the letter C for Calendar, S – for sensory table etc. At then end they can find the initial for the first letter of their name and put it up on the coconut tree. We are also going to display their photographs next to the tree with the says, “look who’s in our room.”

We are going to have an open house this spring and we are going with the theme ” Going Hollywood ” each room is going to be a different movie. One room we are doing Land before time. The other is Sound of Music (The office will become an up coming movie). We will set up a food stand and serve popcorn, candy etc. Each family will receive a ticket to enter and the staff will dress up in black pants and white shirts. There will also be ticket takers at the door greeting you as you enter. You could really have fun with this.

For our open house this past August, our learning center chose the “Circus” theme. Each teacher was responsible for some sort of activity having to do with the circus in their area of the center….we had all sorts of activities, which included: face painting, balloon decorating, ring-toss games, penny pitch games, and several other fun activities!! The guests that came all enjoyed this!! Even the parents…..the children liked winning the prizes and of course eating a special treat in the kitchen!!

When recently we had Open House for our Nursery School, I had all the parents first start in Circle Time like their children do first thing in the morning, we showed all the parents a video of their children and what they do in the course of the day. Then we told the parents that they would be spending the next hour visiting each and every center in the program including snack table, where they had to prepare they own snack and pour their own juice and milk. We ended the evening with books the children had made from the beginning of the school year. They actually relived every single moment of their child’s day.

Create a checklist or treasure hunt list of all the areas you want the children to show their parents. Have the parents find their child’s art work, the various centers, different rooms, where to find art materials and manipulative items, etc. Have the families return the lists once they have completed it and reward them with a prize or a completion certificate.