Preschool Nap Time Activities

At my center we eat lunch and then have naptime. I work with two year olds. The best idea I can give is during lunchtime, I shake a lavender sachet around the room. The room smells good and lavender is actually proven to relax people. The children are asleep in no time. GOOD LUCK!!

If working with older children who do not nap, but are required to have a quiet time, try using quiet activities. I put together a box with small Ziploc bags holding quiet, solitary activities, such as small puzzles, some Lego, hanging monkeys, activity sheets with crayons, etc. The children chose a bag, or received the bag a teacher grabbed, and were able to work on the activity quietly on their mat. After a certain amount of time, the children could switch. This idea was developed after years of trying to get four and five year olds, to be quiet and still on their mats!

I work with 2 year olds. In order to make nap time easier, I have the kids relax with quiet time. After they all finish their lunch, they read books. Then, I read them one or two of their favorite books while they sit on their mat. For the final book, they have to lay down and just listen. I tell them that it is a listening story. One of their favorite stories is the Napping House. This works really well for me. Also, the kids that have the hardest time falling asleep are usually my least active kids so when we are at outdoor play, I make sure to encourage them to run somewhere or go get something for me to burn some energy.

A good way to get them to settle down is to play “possum”. I explain that when an opossum sees someone coming they lay down, close their eyes and pretend they are asleep. All the children love to be little possums and I walk around the room to each child and say “Ashley is being a possum, she has her eyes closed and is laying really still”. I walk around the room for about 15 minutes doing that, and most of the children will have fallen asleep. Also, at the beginning of naptime I put in a tape of classical music and rub the backs of children that have a hard time settling down.

At our school we have a sound machine in each class. It has different sounds to choose from: Heartbeat and gentle rain are our favorite to fall asleep to. The children know that when that is turned on it’s time to lay down. We don’t play it any other time.

As far as nap music goes, Bob Marley is the best for us. I find that kids are calmed by the melodic beat of reggae. Marley’s brand of reggae is slow and steady, just what the nappers need.

We put in a cassette called ‘Mouse Tales’ in which the author narrates the story about ‘papa mouse’ telling the young ones that they go to sleep after he tells them a story. He has a very soothing voice and the story is amusing and keeps the children quiet. This has worked for our age group 18 months to 5 years. It is written and told by Arnold Lobel

Naptime in a preschool room is a rather stressful time. I have found that after the children have gotten onto their mats, pulling out a bottle of “Sweet Dream spray helps them to get to sleep much faster. The spray is very diluted vanilla flavoring and water. It really works and the kids really believe that they will have sweeter dreams from the sweet smell.

Hello, I’m a preschool teacher and I speak French. I will try to explain how i live my sleeping time. But I’m sorry about the faults…

My students love the relax time. First, I do the balloon massage. I teach them who to do it. They lied down on the stomach and I pass with my balloon on there back, legs, arms… After a few days, I choose my two helpers of the day to do the massage with me. They love it. When there is no relax time, they are sad.

Try it, its wonderful

At our center every room listens to the same music so that the children are not hearing different sounds through walls and windowed areas. We all listen to Kenny Loggins “Return to Pooh Corner” It is very calming for the students and the teachers enjoy it as well.