Preschool Nap Time Activities

I love Nap Time and have always had much success with it. Here is what I do. I teach the children the following song and they do what the songs directs them to do. Sometimes you may need to repeat the verse until all the children have completed the task. “Find my cot, I find my cot, My Body’s worked so hard. Spread my sheet I spread my sheet, my bodies worked so hard. ..{.. Stretch my hands…touch my toes…sit on my cot…..stretch my legs……stretch my back (they all lay down on their backs)…..close my eyes…..turn off the light (teacher does this while they sing). By the time they have sung during their nap preparations they settle down and fall asleep as a unit.

I share a classroom of 10 older 3 year-olds with a class of 9 4 year-olds, both are groups that don’t always need the rest. At lunch we dim the lights and play some of the children’s favorite music (Disney Favorites are always popular especially songs from movies!) at a low volume so that they have to speak in a low voice in order to hear the music. We lay our cots in their usual places while the children are eating, in order to eliminate the hustle of setting them out and settling in. Once the children have finished eating, We turn out the lights while they wash their hands, potty (or try), and brush their teeth, a few at a time. Ms. JoAnn reads informally once the last child is in his/her cot. We turn the music up to a moderate level of the story, and within a half-hour most of the two classes are sleep.

When our class lays down at quiet time, I go around to “tuck in” each child. I tell each of them, as I go, to see if they can keep their eyes shut and not move for five minutes. Then I say “On your mark, get set, Go!” They hurry to close their eyes and are usually asleep within five minutes.

I teach a class of 10 two-year-olds so the transition from lunch to naptime needed to be easy for the children and easy on me. Everyday after lunch the children make their own cots and then they all sit in our story spot. After everyone is sitting I give them each a stamp for making their cots and then we read the book “The Napping House” by Audrey & Don Wood. The children know this book by heart and still enjoy to hear it everyday it is also a natural way for their bodies to get settled and know it is time to take a rest. After the story is over they get a kiss from a special naptime stuffed animal and they get tucked in on their cots. The whole process takes about 12 min. and it is well worth those 12 min. because as soon as they lay down the room is quiet and they fall fast to sleep.

On our ceiling we use glow in the dark and reflexive tape cut into shapes, letters and numbers. When the lights are off the tape gives the children something to look at while they drift off. The tape is found in any large home fix it store. The extra pieces left after cutting shapes are also put up, they reflect just as well. Since they go up with one simple staple you can change them occasionally.

I work with 4 yr. olds and most of mine have not been sleeping since they were three. We have mandatory cot time though, what works for me is: cots are laid out in assigned spaces every day. Soft music is played “Children of dreams” is one they especially like. I then let two children come to my table and choose a book on tape to listen to at their cot. I have 6 children and 2 tape players and the children waiting for their turns are quiet. Some have even fallen asleep waiting for their turn. Good Luck to the rest of you.

I like to play Discovery Toys’ “Sounds Like Fun” tape or lullaby music. Looking at laminated art cards and books for an hour helped settle them down. The ones who were still awake got to listen to a short book on tape before being excused to a special sensory activity. The 2s & 3s slept but the 4s didn’t.

At naptime we have a little puppet friend named Mrs. Nap. She comes out only when the children are laying on their cots and are quiet. She tucks them in and kisses them goodnight. They love her and they know that when she comes out, they need to be quiet or she will go into hiding!

I teach preschool, and some days they just do not want to nap. I let the restless ones “help” me by rubbing other children’s backs. After a few minutes they are asked to go rest themselves. I never have any problems, they are so proud of themselves the go right back to their cots and fall asleep.

During nap time play “peaceful ” tunes such as, ‘The greatest love of all ‘, by Whitney Houston,’ Imagine’, by John Lennon,’ We Are The World”, ‘A Child’s Gift of Lullabies’ and Anne Murray has a wonderful easy listening Christian CD out with many remakes of songs like ‘Lean on Me’ and ‘ A Closer Walk with Thee

Your little ones will be in la-la land before you know it!