Preschool Nap Time Activities

I usually make it a game during nap time. I call it the sleeping game. I tell them that they need to lie still and close their eyes. And see if they can trick me into thinking that they are asleep. Once they lie down still with their eyes closed they will go to sleep. Also if needed I rub their backs for a while. It works. I give the teachers 15 minute breaks and when the teachers come back all the kids are asleep. It helps if you are relaxed.

Classical Music works like a charm. They get into it and forget all about their buddy next to them. Even if they don’t fall asleep they are quiet.

I have a family day home with one child in each age group. Some things that
work for me include:

1. I lay a blanket over the top of the 1 and 2 year old…sit next to them
and pat their back or rub their heads gently. They fall asleep pretty

2. The 2 1/2 – 5 year olds watch a movie while I clean up the kitchen.
After 1/2 of the movie the TV goes off and……

3. I put on the Baby Go To Sleep tapes with the heartbeat in them. Those tapes work really well for putting the children to sleep and keeping them asleep!! These tapes have been clinically proven to calm collicky babies too!!

Other tips: Keep naptime consistant; always lay children in the same spot every day; don’t rush them … this will only hype them up or make them uncomfortably nervous; ensure the temperature isn’t too warm or cold…just right to cuddle up with their blankets.

Are sleepytime schedule is pretty routine…After lunch we play outside for 15 min while they are doing that I am setting up there own sleeping mats wich they have picked out and have there names on them they are winnie the pooh and the lil ones love them .I put any special stuffy on there beds and position each bed opposite the one next to it so the children are looking at the other childs feet.We go potty then read a SHORT story usually from the childrens bible and then I put in lullabies really low pray as a group and say nighty night.They are all sleeping within 10 min!What a blessing!!!

Having a consistent naptime routine, and a designated spot for each child works well with my children.Try to choose quiet, still activities to do while you are waiting for the children to fall asleep. Save sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, or other “busy” activities for after they are sleeping. Choose something boring so you are not stimulating the children.Play soothing music with incorporated sounds such as whales, birds, running water, loons, thunderstorms…If available or within your budget, provide lava lamps, tornado lamps, fiber optic lighting, ooze tubes, sand art or timers or other items of the sort, for the children to watch quietly while they lay down. Explain to the children that while the lamp or other chosen item are being used there is to be no talking, and they have to lie still or it will be put away.

At naptime in my classroom I turn off all of the lights. Everyone is to lie down and be quiet. I play instrumental music. My favorite is Kenney G jaz. Most of the kids will lie quietly and eventually go to sleep. Some days all of the kids are sleeping in less than 30 minutes of Kenney G.

I think the best naptime I have had was when it was christmas and I hung christmas lights across the room diagonally. All over when I turned the lights off it looked like a bunch of stars! They absolutely loved it. And there was no problem when it came to sleep! 🙂

Hi, my little ones act like they really enjoy nap time. They go do the same time everyday. I have been using Baby Go To Sleep Tapes (which are lullabies and nursery rhymes sung with a heartbeat in the back ground). I am now also using Mozart for Babies CD’s. I think they are both outstanding. All I have to do is say “do you want to go nite-nite” and they take my hand and walk to their rooms. My 2 1/2 year old asks for the tape, if I happen to forget. Also another nice thing about Mozart, is that it is suppose tohelp children be more intelligent. The web-site for the baby go to sleep tapes is,

I have 30 three-year olds in a class for nap time. As they are eating their lunch either myelf or my team teacher will put a few toys on each child’s cot. (A handful of legos works great!) As the children finish with thier lunch, clean up and “potty”, they go and play quietly on thier cots until all ofthe other children are done and on thier cots. I then have a “helper” or two collect the toys in a basket. Then turn off the lights and put on the soft music and rub backs. This is a great way to keep the children who are on their cots first busy while the others are finishing up. Works great for me!

Each of my daycare children have their own pillow–I think that’s why they fall right asleep when they hit their pillows. If you do not have storage for pillows, just cut large pillows in half and sew them. Pillows make all the difference in the world–works for me and has for over nine years!!