Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

This year I thought that instead of teaching the children new songs I decided to do something called “SHOW OFF TIME” we sang different songs which we learned during the year. I Have children in my class so each child held a letter to spell out the words “show off time” we sang songs that go through the year . The parents loved it and we didn’t need much practicing because the children knew the songs already.

This year the theme of our graduation will be friendship. I have made butcher-paper outlines of the children that they will decorate to look like themselves and I will hang them around the auditorium to look like they are all holding hands. We will be walking in to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story, instead of the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance.” We will sing:
*Friends-PB&J Otter
*I Like You-Dr. Jean
*You Are My Friend-Mr. Rogers
I also plan to have them sign along to the Mr. Rogers song. I made a short video clip of each child in which I asked them what makes a good friend, and I will show it during the ceremony. The responses were priceless!

we play the graduation song that they play for colleges, as the children march in with their caps that they made, and we wear the school’s colors. the graduates do a welcome in sign language, then the young preschoolers sing the song off of “out of the box” to the graduates. then we have a section, called graduates show-off. this is when they display what they have learned throughout the year. we have a five minute intermission, to prepare for our skit. last year we did the three lil pigs. last we give out the certificates and their portfolios. we have refreshments at the end.

Our Pre-K graduation theme last year was a patriotic one, and since it was held at night we called it “Graduation under the Stars”. We covered every available area with cut out stars in r/w/b. The aisles that the graduates proceeded down were also covered in scattered star confetti. The refreshment tables were in the same star-R/W/Blue theme, and flags hung from our ceiling tiles. We had several artificial ficus trees decked out in lights too! We turned the house lights off so that the children would be illuminated by the twinkling “stars”. This ambience really was exciting for the children, and made it so special for them!!!

I had graduates, and we sang a variety of American songs, including “God Bless America”, “You’re a Grand ‘Ol Flag”, and several others, including two solos. The children then filed out of the room to dress in caps and gowns while a parent sang a very moving song to fill the time! The children then proceeded down the aisle to “pomp and circumstance” to receive their diplomas. The class was announced and the children sang Greg and Steve’s “Goodbye” song. They then left the stage to a patriotic march. The parents were so thrilled with the ceremony, and many indicated that after the / attacks it was wonderful to see such a show of patriotism from the country’s next generation.

This year, we are planning a ceremony that is more light-hearted, and our theme is “Be All You Can Be!”. I am still brainstorming ideas! Thanks to everyone for posting such wonderfully inspirational ideas for Pre-K graduations!!!

I have a song that we sing for graduation. It’s sang to the tune of I’ve been working on the Railroad. It goes” I’ve been going to my preschool all year long. I’ve been going to my preschool and I’ve learned alot songs. I can write and say my letters, I know my numbers too. I’ve been going to my preschool all year through. It’s graduation day, it’s graduation day, it’s graduation day today. it’s graduation day it’s graduation day, it’s graduation day today hooray!

I have them hold confetti in their hands and throw it up at the end of the song.

We are a Christian Pre School with children ranging in ages from to . The parents order (with our help) graduation gowns with caps and tassels. We take pictures of each graduate dressed in graduation attire. Make a special frame for each picture. During graduation they march in on the Graduation March. Those not graduating are already in the stands. We have the photo op. We do the pledge, our Hello song, count to in Spanish, English, and Swahilli along with a few words from each language. Songs, and Nursery Rhymes. After which each child gets to spell their name (those who can do so), graduates get a diploma and all receive a special gift from us. Then its downstairs for refreshments.

I am a Teacher assistant. This pass June was graduation day. We decorate the Church with blue and yellow balloons, put bows with the same colors in each aisle, at the last aisle we put United State flags. The theme was Children Of The World, and we choose the song Children Of The World by Little Suzy. Children march with Patriotic songs like “God Bless America” By Celine Dion and Others Caring Flags. The teachers said some words in Spanish and English. Then the Children sings some songs like the ABC, days of the week, and a poem. They present the Diplomas and at the same time they receive their diplomas they give their mothers a pink Rose. Then at the end they sang the Theme song. It was wonderful. After graduation we had some food and we give the children some gifts. For next year we had a lots of ideas.

Here is a song we have our graduates sing after they receive their diplomas… (to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”) We learned our letters ABC, ABC. We learned our numbers , . I can even write my name with ease, Aren’t you very proud of me, proud of me? Kindergarten here we come, here we come. Kindergarten here we come, here we come.

So long preschool It’s been fun.

Kindergarten here we come, here we come!!

As we do not feel that making preschool children perform or wear graduation attire is developmentally appropriate, we have an different kind of graduation.

This year we are going with an Hawaiian theme. We will have make-your-own-kebobs and grill set up outside. As they come arrive, they can eat. Once everyone has arrived and eaten, we present certificates to the children and they/we talk about their favorite memories from the year. Then we have an ice cream sundae buffet. Everyone has a great time. There really is little prep work, and the children feel no pressure. They are there to have fun and say good-bye to their friends, without having to worry about trying to remember a song or getting nervous in front of people. It is a great way for everyone involved to end the year. Parents are always pleased.

We have done this same thing only with other themes-Mexican, circus, backyard barbeque, etc.