Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

I’m a Pre-K head teacher. My class is practicing for graduation and this year the show is wonderful. We ordered caps and gowns from Willsie Co. Of course each child has a speaking part but beyond that they are singing songs that have been heard in our classroom since the beginning of the school year. We are singing “El Coqui” from Wee Sing All Around the World and Bein’ Green by Kermit the Frog. Last November the children voted on a name for our class and we are the Pre-K Frogs. The kids have had a blast with it! They’re singing ABC Rock just because it’s so much fun! As a love song to their parents, the children are singing the Alphabet Love Song. We will have a slide show entitled “A Hop Through Our School Year”. Besides the basic diploma distribution, each child will receive an award that sets them apart from the other children…from the Bright As A Star Award to the Butterfly Award. After the Pre-K Spring show and Graduation Ceremony we will have a Graduation Party catered by the parents. Each parent will make an entree or dessert to share. I have purchased gifts for all of my students. Each child will get a folder that contains a photo collage of the class, a picture of them in a frame that they made, their journal, a letter from me and an Autographs paper that each child in the class has signed. It is going to be great!

For our preschool celebration, we invited the families to come out and bring their own lawn chairs for a picnic on the playground. We provided simple, cake, chips and punch. We set up tables where the children and parents could decorate picture frames for the graduation photo and we also had face painting. It was a great success and their was no pressure on the children to perform. They all sat as a group and when their name was called, they received the diploma and could go right to their family.

We play Pomp and Circumstance as the children come in with their hats on. They sing a few songs, and then they sing the first verse of “You are my sunshine” and pass out yellow carnations to their mothers. They then return to their seats and we give out their diplomas, and a small picture album of pictures we have taken of them through the school year. We then have their walk out singing Kindergarten here we come. We then have a lunch for all the parents.

I am so excited! Preschool graduation is almost here again. I am doing a Patriotic theme. The children are singing “God bless the U.S.A” And they each hold a flag and do hand signals with them, Very touching. Another great song that the kids love to sing is “sing, sing a song.” And I start all of my programs with the pledge of allegiance.

Our theme for graduation is “It’s a jungle out there.” The kids will march in wearing black caps and half gowns I got from Oriental Trading. They will get to stop at the puppet stage and poke their head through and say, “People would be happier if….” as I announce their name. We are decorated all safari and jungle with animals, trees, lighting, jungle sheets are backdrops, palm trees, etc. We will then do the pledge in sign language along with songs dedicated to those animals we love like b-i-n-g-o, penguin plop, etc. The highlight will be their performance of “Mary had a little lamb” on their recorders. They squeak, but how adorable. We end wearing animal masks and sing, “It’s a jungle out there.” From Leo the Lion musical. Followed by a slideshow presentation we will then give out awards using candy bars: “Snickers” = made me laugh all year, etc. The kids then get to poke their heads through the faces of some posters I made to resemble (i.e. a football player), and say “When I grow up, I want to be ‘a football player’.” These are adorable with blown up clip art. We eat, do a pinata, hand out certificates, and it’s adorable! From Miss Michelle at Awesome Blossom Preschool