Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

We are doing a fun graduation this year. We are having all of the children draw a picture of themselves on a forth of a page and having them write their names underneath. Then we will use transfers and place each of the children on the shirts. The night of graduation all of the children wear their shirts and sing some of our songs that we have learned and then do a play for the parents. We are doing “The pigs and the wolves” instead of “The three little pigs and the wolf”. We finish the night with cake that was purchased from Costco with all of their names written on it. The parents just love it! We love it too!

After reading a bunch of awesome ideas from this site this is what I complied for a short and simple graduation ceremony. The children wore red caps and gowns made by a volunteer seamstress. The children walked on to a small stage singing the “We Are Here To Graduate” Song that I believe I found on this site. (Thank You) The words were: We are here to graduate, graduate, graduate. We are here to graduate on this special day sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. When they were all on the stage they sang the song one more time. Then they sang “I’m A Little Graduate” which was also I believe found on this site. It’s an adorable song sung to “I’m A Little Teapot” that goes like this: I’m a little graduate, dressed in red, wearing a gown and a cap on my head. When I leave preschool, I will be, a kindergarten student, aren’t you proud of me. I made up little movements for the children to act out the song. Next they all sat down and pulled out pre-decorated shapes (circle, square, triangle and rectangle) from under their chair and performed the movements to “Shapes” by Greg and Steve. The song tells each shape to stand up or sit down so the children have to listen for their shape and then follow the direction. Its a fast happy song. After this song I called each graduate by their first name to come up to the front of the little stage and had them state their full name, age, address, birthday, phone number, spell their name and what they wanted to be when they grew up. I handed each one their diploma and let them stand holding it to receive applause and get their picture taken. Then to end the ceremony the children sang a Thank you song that I created also to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb” that goes like this: We thank you all for coming here, coming here, coming here. We thank you all for coming here, on this special day. They sang this song once. Then I switched on a prerecorded cassette that had the children singing this song times in a row and while the tape was playing the children

Each year I try to come up with a different style of invitation for the class graduation! This years cards would be very easy for anyone to try with their class. I precut cards and wrote the appropriate information inside for parents. The front of the card had a drawing done by each child depicting their day at school, with a caption saying “You Are Invited.” The children decorated their cards using crayons, paints, markers, glue and odds and ends! They had a blast! It is important however to supervise them during their creative process and remind them where it is ok to decorate, and where on the card it is not (like over the words explaining dates and times). As a final touch, once all of the cards had dried, glued inside the left inside panel a photocopy of our class picture! The children loved the invitations as well as their families! Some of the parents even told me that their children have slept with the cards!
Hope this helps anyone in a pinch 🙂

We perform a musical every year as our preschool graduation program. Our very favorite show was “Survivor Island”. We ordered safari hats from Oriental Trading for all the children and each child brought something to the island that they would need. Example: flashlight – “This Little Light of Mine”. Bible – Christian songs. It was very easy. Our props were a little tent in the middle of the stage and palm trees from a party store. We made a fake fire in the center of the stage using poster board and wood. We ended the play with our returning to America and sang “God Bless America”. We also have the children wear graduation caps and they receive diplomas and gifts.

I am so excited! Preschool graduation is almost here again. I am doing a Patriotic theme. The children are singing “God bless the U.S.A” And they each hold a flag and do hand signals with them, Very touching. Another great song that the kids love to sing is “sing, sing a song.” And I start all of my programs with the pledge of allegiance.