Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

Preschool Graduation
This is the outline of what we do for a graduation ceremony. hope it helps.

. Graduation March
-With Grand Marshall Bell
. Pledge of Allegiance
-With Flag Holder Tony (next years grad) “Stand up please”
“Feet together”
“Shoulders back”
“Right hand on your heart”
“I pledge allegiance…”
. Talk- Welcome Parents
. Introductions (Graduates)
“Hi, My name is _______”
. Talk- What we learned this year… here are a few of our favorite songs
. Songs
ABCs (sing and sign)
Days of the week
Talk- …This is my family
My School Family
. Talk- Yearbook
Share a few of the highlights
You will be able to take yours home today
. Preschool Awards
. Talk- About Graduates
. Hand out Diplomas
. Stand for Pictures
. Snack with Parents

After we sing graduation songs and pass out certificates, I always read Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. It’s a little long so I skip a few pages, but it’s a very fitting book for the occasion.

This year for our preschool graduates we are making T – shirts. Each child brings in a new white shirt. The whole class takes turns painting their hand prints on each other’s shirt. (teachers supervise) The teachers use fabric paint and write each child’s name inside the handprint. We then write the name of our school and the year. It’s a very cute keepsake.

I teach a pre-kindergarten class and my kids love this – day project. Every child should have plain white t-shirt, fabric paint and fabric pens. Have each child put their hand prints on the front with the year in-between the hands. On the back you can have all the kids in your class sign their names. You could also have the class make one for you. What a great thing the kids will have to look back on later in life.

My students dress in their Sunday’s best. They wear paper graduation caps. We walk in on a Kenny G song. Students sing songs learned during the school year. We also sing a song about the staff to the tune of “The wheels on the bus” For example, the principal (fill-in) says,”quiet down the halls”, the ___(janitor’s name) says, throw the trash away”. We also show a slide show of students taken through the year to the tune of “What a wonderful world” and “The Greatest Love of All”. At the end of the graduation the class sings ” This Little Light of Mine”. Then we enjoy refreshments.