Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

Although in the past I have done the “live” performances, I have decided to do more of a multimedia one this year. Our theme is Nursery Rhymes. The children are singing different songs from the Jack Hartmann CD’s. We are recording them in advance so that the day of the program, the children can sit with their families. We will start out with a slide show of the year in review and then move on to the program. At this point, the children can choose to stand up and sing, or just sing along, the parents too as we are distributing the words. then we will have the graduation song (again on tape) and then our award ceremony in which everyone gets an award. I teach -yo’s.

There is a wonderful book that I purchased last year which is now becoming a graduation tradition for my preschool classroom. “I Knew You Could” by Craig Dorfman is a sequel to “The Little Engine That Could” It is a lovely story that I can barely get through without a few tears. I also gave each child a candy train and a paperback copy of the book which is available through scholastic.

I teach K- and for our end of the year graduation we got the Veggie tales Cd “Oh Veggie Where Art Thou” It has the old Christian Hymns, then are kids were all in overalls our girls hair was all in pick tails and they all had bandanas in there back pocket. They were precious!!! But we did throw in our abc’s, numbers, and bible verses. Our stage had a background of a farm with animals and our stage had hay bails on it. (that is what the kids sat on) It was a huge success!!!

For the Sandy Point Preschool’s graduation (in St. Kitts) two parents will be the chairpersons. All children will participate by either singing, dancing or reciting a poem. Te ceremony will be held at a local church which will be decorated in blue and white (the school’s colors). Each child will receive a t-shirt, a picture frame and a small mug with their name, picture and the other graduate’s names. at the end when the children are receiving their diploma the parents will walk up the aisle and collect them. There will also be a parent and children dance. The children will be dressed in their gowns and caps. At the end refreshments will be served outside.

I operate a day care. This year was the very first year I did a graduation/moving up ceremony for my and year olds. I must say that it was a huge success! The children wore their dad’s white dress shirts backwards as gowns and I ordered cap from Oriental Trading. I printed up programs for all the parents, grandparents and friends to follow along with. I started by being introduced by my husband. I gave a well prepared speech, not long winded just from the heart. The parents loved it! Some were teary eyed. I then had the song, ” Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean played. On the last verse the children walked to their awaiting chairs in their caps and gowns. The song is so moving. I have to say I didn’t see a dry eye in the audience. The children then sang, “Kindergarten Here We Come” and then “We Have Super Manners”. They then recited the poem, “Do You Remember Last Fall? “. The parents all were snapping pictures through their tears and also video taping too! I was so proud of my little ones! At the end of the ceremony I gave each child a gift (sand pail with a picture of them in their cap and gown in a special picture frame, graduation necklace (purchased at Oriental Trading) and a stuffed bear in a graduation cap and gown, along with their diploma. Finishing touch was a flower to each child to give to his mom. The families all brought a dish and I provided hotdogs and hamburgers for a huge barbeque immediately following the ceremony. The parents could not stop telling me how wonderful everything was. I was on an emotional high for days!!!!