Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

We have a luncheon so the parents can attend. We usually end up with over people. The parents drop off their children in the classroom and find a seat in the all-purpose room. When all the children have arrived we all say goodbye and wish each other great things and have a group hug. We all process into the all-purpose room and sit together. I present each child with a special award that is brought to mind when I review our time together. At the same time I give them a diploma. Our room is decorate with balloons attached to bubbles which is my gift to each graduate. We have finger sandwiches, fruit and chips and a cake for dessert.

At graduation time we make silhouettes of all the graduating preschoolers in our building. We then put graduation caps on them with each class having their own color cap. The children than are not graduating may also be included by placing them in a crown instead of a cap and gown. This is a pretty impressive display in a entry way to a preschool.

We take photos of our pre-kindergarten students throughout the year using slide film and give a slide show at the graduation ceremony set to music like Duke Ellington’s “It’s A Wonderful World”, Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses” and Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath my Wings.” Afterwards, we have to walk up and down the aisles passing out tissues to all of the teary-eyes parents and grandparents! It’s a very effective and sentimental presentation.

For our graduation ceremony we plan to march in wearing caps and gowns with tassels. A piano player will be playing Pomp and Circumstance. We’ll be blowing bubbles. During the ceremony I’ll read a list covering each student including “What my teacher thinks I’ll be when I grow up”. We’ll also sing our favorite songs from the whole year. At the reception there will be one big cake with all the graduates’ names on it. The children will make invitations and the teachers will design the program cover.

I have had preschool graduation for several years now. I begin with a theme. So far I have used our earth ( music would include songs from Raffi), Growing ( ideas would be doing some basic skills learned) tracing bodies and displaying them throughout the area used. Movement, ( using movement music, things done as a group) What I will be when I grow up! ( children dress as their occupation of the future and tell why) Flight ( children going on to big school using a poem that is wonderful e mail me for it! the children again dressed as occupation and releasing butterflies at the end. My ideas begin with one song. Example the ceremony about flight we sang ” I believe I can fly” from Space Jam.Begin with one song for either the graduating children to sing or everyone then tie it all in together using dramatic play etc. The ending is a diploma and a good bye song followed by refreshments, oh I always cry! Please e mail me for specifics.Have Fun!