Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

The last two weeks of pre-school our theme is artists. At our spring program we set up an art gallery. I showcase some of the kids artwork and mention that we do not have to be famous and have our work is museums, books, etc. to be an artist. The kids loved this. They enjoyed looking at each other work and always had great comments about each piece of work. After the graduation we also have a reception. I asked each family to bring one snack item and a two liter of soda. After the show we ate and visited. It was a very relaxing evening.

At our preschool graduation we have each child get up and say a nursery rhyme that they have been working on for about the last month.. They get up in front of the circle at circle time and recite their chosen poem. Each child has different one to do. We also all do group songs and finger plays together. The parents and grandparents are invited. and each child wears a little graduation cap made out of poster board, and they each receive a diploma.We get many great responses from parents on this and it is really quite simple. The children are all so proud of themselves and we are proud of them as well. .mo to year-olds

This year my theme for graduation is ” Cada Nino ” it means Every Child. I have taught the boys and girls a Spanish song performed by Trish Hinojosa entitled ” Cada Nino ” and they will like every graduation receive the diploma. Afterwards we will be having a Mexican Potluck ! Like every year we are excited.

At graduation, we make our hats out of styrofoam bowls and white poster board. We make tassels out of yarn and attach them to the hats with metal brads. We print diplomas for each student and ask a prominent person in our society to hand out the diplomas to the children.When their name is called they get to shake the persons hand while their teacher turns their tassel. The children feel very special and can’t wait for the cookies and punch afterwards!

Graduation-We usually have a theme: cowboys, growing up, sky, etc. We sing – songs about that theme. The kids illustrated the words to the song, phrase by phase. The illustration is hung so the children can see it and read the pictures to the songs. The words are there too for the teachers. We give each child a symbol of the theme to take home: hat, magic wand, flashlight,etc.