Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

Our annual graduation opened with all the graduates singing a “Welcome” song.This was followed by a review of the school year…,a teacher would read a brief verse about the month…just a few lines about what our theme that month had been. Then a group of children would come forward to do a fingerplay, act out a poem, perform to a record, sing a song ……or whatever they had learned during that month. All children were included as part of a group……some months had several items (November and February …) some just one. As the children were using things they had learned before, the program could be put together quickly. Several classes can share the months if you have two classes at the same age level.Use the craft ideas you did that month for props (save some as you go along !!) and it will come together easily.End with a group song and the diploma presentation. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want!!

This year we had an excellent Graduation for our year olds!!

. We did the Pledge of Allegiance

. Skidamarink – we did the hand actions for this

. Big Dinosaurs – Fingerplay with cutout T-Rex’s. We picked children to hold the BIG dinosaurs.

. ABC Rock – from a Greg & Steve album. The children held up large laminated ABC letters. They love this song-it rocks… LOL.

. Rumble Boogie – from Newbridge Records. The children stood up in front of their chairs and danced.

. Spooky Walk – again from Newbridge Records. This was our favorite. We had cutouts of a witch, black cat, and a moon. Then we turned off the lights and had a spotlight on the cutouts. Then, this was our favorite part, we bought neon glow in the dark glasses and when it came to a part that said “see”, the children would put their glasses on. It was soooo cooooooool (As the children would say). We also handed out diplomas and did Pomp and Circumstance. The parents watched a video while we got our caps and gowns on. As for a present for the children, they got to keep the cool glow in the dark glasses and also received a smiley face graduation necklace.The glasses and necklaces were purchased from The oriental Trading Company…..Enjoy!!!!!!

We had our graduation last night, and the best part was when the children sang “You are my sunshine” and presented yellow carnations to their parents. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

During the year we keep a quotable quotes book in our room. We’ve all heard children say things that are so cute they just beg to be written down. These are the things we write inour quotable quotes book. At graduation as we call the children’s names to walk down the aisle (in full cap and gown) to recieve their diplomas we read our favorite quote they gave us during the year. The parent seem to really love this. At our end of the year picnic we do some thing a bit different in that we give each child an award outlining thier special interests. Such as: Class Computer Whiz for the little guy who couldn’t stop playing on the PC, or Best Hugs to the little girl whose arms are always ready for a hug!

On the tape Pre-K Hooray there is a great song to use as a preschool pomp and circumstance. It is called Graduation Day. It will bring tears to everyone’s eyes.