Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

last year our theme was “it’s a small world”. we sang the verse at the beginning. each group did a song from a song or a fingerplay. my group did a medley of “twinkle, twinkle little star” ,”baa,baa black sheep”, and the” abc song”. before they marched out,the graduates sang “it’s time to say goodbye “.we had refreshments served .i teach noncat. preschool, so this was a big step for the parents, as well as the students. there were noncat students to graduation those, went on to regular kindergarten.

We make and wear caps. Usually a parent can play POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE on a keyboard. Children parade into our room. We review the year with songs, fingerplays or dances. We end with the rewrite of Zippety Doodah as follows: Zippety doodah zippety A My oh my summer’s coming our way Plenty of sunshine swimming and play Zippety doodh zippety A

There’s a sadness in the air It’s over, it’s done, and wasn’t (school or class name) fun Zippety doodah, zippety A. Summer is coming, Graduation’s today.

Then we call each child up individually to receive the following: Diploma, Yearbook which contains a page of dictation for each theme (involving critical thinking or creative thinking. Also, we have a buddy class (third grade) with whom we meet at least once a month. They use the opportunity as a writing experience. We take photographs and the third graders make “Buddy Books” as a gift to the graduate. It’s quite appreciated by the families involved.

For our graduation ceremony we did a skit on Old Macdonald had a farm. We used old refrigerator and stove boxes for the farm and had the children paint them.(cut a door in the front and back of farm for easy entry and exit) We used deviders for a pen painted to look like a fence. The children made costumes to look like animals and we had a “farmer” to guide the children from the farm to the pen. Each child made the sound of the animal they were and one of the teachers sang the song. We had graduates and it was an easy way to get all the children to participate. The children really enjoyed making their own costumes and making the set.Our parents were all very impressed with all the work every one put into it. They laughed and clapped through the whole song. We had some children who really hammed it up, so they were a real hit. Try to get an animal that matches the child’s personality.

A cute poem that we use for our alamater!

I know numbers,

I know shapes,

I know that purple stands for grapes.

I know red and white and blue,

I know green and yellow too

.I know what police officers and mayors do,

firefighters and nurses, too.

I’m an artist, I can paint.

I try hard not to say ain’t.

I have rhythm,

I know sounds.

I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs.

I’ve been quiet, I have giggled.I’ve sat still,

at times I’ve wiggled.

I’ve worked all year for this degree,

there now aren’t you proud of me!!

We use this poem in our yearly preschool graduations and the parents love hearing the children say it!