Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

A wonderful song we use at our graduation is “No one tells the President” from Mary Kate and Ashley . We hold American flags and Signs that say “preschoolers for President”. The parents love it. It is a little long so we learn it a little at a time with picture cue cards. We also do the ABC rock and the Number Rock. We order adorable caps and gowns and have refreshments following the ceremony.

Here’s a graduation day song to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”.

I’ve been going to my preschool, All the whole year long. I’ve been going to my preschool, And I’ve learned a lot of songs. I can count and say the letters, I know my colors too. I’ve been going to my preschool, All the whole year through.

Graduation day, graduation day, Graduation day is finally here. Graduation day, graduation day, Graduation day is here.

Kindergarten, here I come. Kindergarten, I am on my way. Kindergarten, here I come. Happy Graduation Day!

For my son’s preschool graduation I’m going to do a variation of a Christmas cracker as a favor for the children.. Take a TP tube (or paper towel tube cut to a inch length. Fill with wrapped candies or small treats, and use a piece of grad wrapping paper cut into an inch square, wrap it around the tube, secure the paper with tape, and tie a ribbon at both ends of the tube to keep the contents from falling out.

During the week before graduation, we trace each child’s body on large mural paper. The children then “decorate” themselves, adding facial features, hair, and clothing. We hang these up all around the room on graduation day, and then the families take them home. It is a really cute display!

Our graduation day is very special at our school. Since we are a church Preschool our graduation is part of our Chapel time. We have seven PS’s classes and we set up our rooms with different activities for the morning. Each teacher has their favorites and the kids have their favorite activities. We travel from room to room celebrating each of those activities and at the end all go to Chapel and talk to God. We sing all of our favorite Chapel songs and end with our school song that asks God to watch over us as we play. Then we go to the” big room” for a light lunch.