Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

this year my co-worker and i decided to do a theme about friendship. We are having the children say the word friend in several different languages. they are also doing the sign language abc’s and singing various sons…including our own version of American pie called pre-k times…the kids love to sing and dance and it is a great way to showcase their hard work at graduation

We made lyrics to Pomp and Circumstance by having the student add one word to sum up the end of the year, they can get silly and that’s okay!:

Its been a great year
we’ve had so much fun
now here are some words
to sum up all that we’ve done…
Brandon says thank you,
Sophia says goodbye,
Emma likes horses,
and Isabel likes to dance..
we all must move on
to learn and to grow
thanks mom and dad for helping,
and teaching me all that you know!

I collected art from each student throughout the year to make a mobile, then in the middle i put a cd with songs that the children loved to sing! If you get really creative, make a picture collage for the cd case of the child, its a great keepsake

Last year, I did a slide show of what the children want to be when they grow up to R. Kelly’s “the World’s Greatest”

This is my first year actually working with Head Start. My center is very large, so we hold graduation for three days. There are five classes for each day. The five classes sing three songs and each teacher announces their graduate’s name and hands them a diploma as they walk across the stage. I decided to hold an awards ceremony in my classroom after graduation for the non-graduates. We have most improved, perfect attendance, most hopeful, etc. awards. The children sing three to four of their favorite songs for their parents as well. The children chose the songs and the refreshment menu. They even helped in the preparation of the finger sandwiches. I also gave rewards to my parents that participated throughout the year. I made each child a mini-yearbook of digital photos and silly captions from our class photos that we took throughout the year. That way all of the children will be included and no one is left out.