Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

m I wrote for the end of the year- READY FOR KINDERGARTEN My days in preschool are almost done, I’m off this summer to have some fun. Then on to kindergarten I will go. (My teacher says I’m ready, you know.) I’ve learned my colors and my shapes. I know the difference between monkeys and apes. I can sing and I can paint. I know to say “not” instead of “ain’t.” I know some letters and their sounds. We learned our streets and our hometowns. I can help and I can listen, Be nice to friends, but no kissin’! I’m ready to learn to read and write, And I know how to share, not fight. There’s so much I already know. It’s been lots of fun to learn and grow. I’m a preschool graduate-way to go!

My graduation is simple: The song Butterfly kisses will be playing while the guest are getting in there seats, then I will have the children sing, You Are My Sunshine, as they march in, they will each have a yellow carnation to go and give to their mom in the audience. We will go over things we have learned in circle time, Pledge, Days of wk. Months of the yr. and add some songs we have learned also.. I will follow up by reviewing what we did each month in preschool. Example (In March we put on our cowboy hats and visited the mini farm_) usually the children will say oh I remember that we saw ______& went on a picnic. So this is a great way to end the program.. I also kept a quote book I will read something that the child said during the year…. Hope this idea works for you.

We did this at a kindergarten party at a park. Each child brought a snack which name started with the same letter as the child’s name. If parents remember this is for a “luncheon” they won’t bring so much candy and sweets. You can be quite creative!

For our Pre-k class we made a very cute memory books which contains: their handprint, writing sample, drawings of their family and friends, a picture of them with their teacher and a letter from their parents so when they grow up they can read it. We have slide We sang What a wonderful world (using sign language), Barney song in Spanish, Goodbye song and You got a friend in me. Not only that we also have a encore song to surprise the parents “America the Beautiful).

I take a slide of each child, usually with a favorite activity. As the slide is shown, more is mentioned about the child, especially his/her favorite things. A copy of the script is given to all the children. This year, with our new digital camera, each child will receive pictures of all the other children.

For a really emotional ending, we have our pre-k children sign “You Are So Beautiful” at the very end of our program. As they file out they sing “Kindergarten here we come, We know we’ll have lots of fun. Lots of things to make and do. Reading, writing, counting too. Kindergarten here we come, We know we’ll have lots of fun.” It’s sung to the tune “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”