Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

If you are looking for a Cute theme for your Graduation, My preschool Did “Mother Goose Rocks” There are a set of CD’s that Have Nursery Rhyme Songs Set to Modern Music that children hear everyday on the radio. It’s really adorable and our Parents loved it!!! They were singing along with their kids. A good example would be “The Three Little Pigs” rhyme set to the music of Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” You can find the CD’s at and you can email me if you want to know which songs we did and what costumes!

We have always had the children march in wearing their graduation hats to pomp and circumstance. Our music is performed by our Jr. High band. We always recognize Pre-K alumni within the band. Last year we jumped into the technology world and took digital photos of the children dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. As their name was called, their photo was displayed on the film screen for all to see. Our parents had tears in their eyes and past parents were upset we had not thought of the photos earlier:) After every child has been called, they get one more photo (Polaroid camera) with their teachers. Parents and guests are then invited to cake and punch.

The best graduation we have ever had was about shining. We are a Christian school so we did Shine for Jesus. But could be used in any school. All our songs had something to do with shining or the sun, etc… I took a very long piece of PVC pipe and two concrete blocks stuck the ends of the pipe on the blocks to make a half circle. I made a big round sun to go in the middle and taped it to a microphone stand. Then I took yellow and orange streamers and went from the pipe to the sun to make sun rays. I put a spot light on the floor in front of the sun. On the last song the lights went down and the children held up little lights and swayed and sang to a slow song. It was beautiful.

I made this up for my pre-k class to sing at graduation…they love it. Sung to the tune of Clementine

In America, in America, I can be what I wanna be.

A doctor, or a teacher, just you wait and you will see.

In America, in America, I can do what I wanna do.

Dig up bones or put our fires, but for now I’ll play with you.

For graduation each year we try to make it a very special time. we order cap and gowns for each child and also take graduation pictures along w/ our regular school year pictures. sometimes we work with a theme most often its what the children are comfortable with last year we performed i believe i can fly with sign language. we rent an auditorium for the graduation and have it at night the children made what i want to be books for the parents and gave them out as gifts. we also had a year book with only our pre k class in it and gave them to the parents