Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

Each parent brings in a t-shirt of teachers choice (usu. school colors or white) that comes right above the ankle to be used for the gown. we use fabric paint to put every child’s’ handprint in the “graduation class” on the shirt. Then we (the children) make the caps out of poster board and the tassels out of yarn. Attach the tassels to the caps with brads or paper fasteners. The children look adorable.

We always pick a theme for the program.. This year we are working on a Patriotic theme in light of /. The Pre-K children made flags to wave while singing “Grand Old Flag.” We also have a number of “Super Stars” that wanted to have a “big” part so we asked the children for ideas. One young girl wanted to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” as a solo. (it gives me chills every time we practice) We also have girls singing the nd verse of Lee Greenwoods “God Bless The USA.” The rest of the children join in for the rest of the song. The children love to think up ideas and then follow through for the big show. Also instead of traditional gowns, we take a class photo and print in on iron on transfer paper. We iron them on a white t-shirt that we wear on stage and then have a wearable memory. I will wear mine all summer and the children all take turns wearing theirs and picking out themselves on the shirts. Just a fun idea!!

Collect samples of artwork throughout the child’s years in child care and use the graduates artwork for decorating the walls and tables. Parents, grandparents, and children enjoy walking around looking for their child’s creations.

do you remember way last fall

when I was only just so small

now look at me I’m way up here boy

I’ve learn a lot this year in fact the teacher’s think I’m great that’s why I get to graduate. you may put your own actions to this finger play Please let me know if you use this thank you

I am the four year old teacher at our preschool and My group loves to listen to Snoopy’s Country. I made up a little line dance for them to perform in front of their parent on graduation night. They sing achy breaky heart while side-stepping. It is so cute!