Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

This year my boys and girls will be performing a wonderful song by Peter, Paul and Mary called,” We shall overcome.” It is just appropriate for the horrible incident on /. It is our closing song. Our opening song will be Kenny Loggins “Conviction of the Heart. This year we have included a song we get our wiggles out to every day (which we will do first off to get the children relaxed), Did you feed my cow?, a wonderful story about ladybugs which we will act out, monkeys jumping on the bed ( the graduates will do this one) and a wonderful song on Nick Jr. about colors. There is really no pertain theme this year for us, basically it is what the children wanted to do, and that is most important!

Easy and fun idea. Purchase a hat from your local school supply store or make one out of poster board. All graduates will hang rings from it and the tassel on the top will be used to hang it up. Each day the child will cut off a ring and when they get to the top it is graduation day! (Ex: like the rings used to count down xmas!, same idea. )

Here is a poem that I did with my and year olds:

Now I know my ABC’s, colors, shapes and days

I learned some poems, sang some songs, rhymes and fingerplays

I played outside on sunny days and inside when it rained

My little hands and little feet were busy everyday.

My teacher was (fill-in)

I kept her on her toes

She combed my hair, tied my shoes and even wiped my nose.

But now it’s time to say good-bye to all my preschool friends. School is over, summers here, but learning never ends!!!

As part of my graduation, we do a slide show. Each child’s picture is taken on the first day of school and playing throughout the year. A final slide is taken towards the last day. I interview each child and record their responses. The interview consists of them telling me their name and how old they are. Then I ask things such as “what have you learned in school this year?”, “who are some of your friends?”, “what’s your favorite color?” etc. The interview tape is played while their slide is shown.