Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

As a thank you to the parents, the children sing “A” You’re Adorable. Before hand, I had them decorate a letter from the alphabet, and when we sang the song, they held up their letter. The parents loved it!

Dear Families,

Our school year with your children has come to an end. We have spent the last few weeks in the classroom focusing on this important transition. We used a calendar, classroom discussion, and children’s literature to help with the process of separating from school and saying goodbye.

We read Jamie Lee Curtis’ “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth.” This book notes a child’s growth by comparing what she is capable of now to what she was like long (or not so long) ago. We took time to note the children’s growth over this past school year. For example, at the beginning of the year the children didn’t know how to clean up. Now they have learned to take care of their room. It is helpful for you to help your child note his or her accomplishments in this way.

We also read “Goodbye, Hello” by Barbara Shook Hazen. It is the story of a girl moving to a new home. She must say goodbye to many things- her room, friends, and neighbors. When she gets to her new home, she experiences saying hello to new things- her new room, new friends, and new neighbors. We discussed that we must say goodbye when school finishes, and spoke about some things we would be saying goodbye to. Children said the water table, the easel, and the playground. We also asked the children to share some things they would be saying hello to when school finishes. They said summer camp, swimming pools, and trips.

We also have read Judy Osbourne’s “My Teacher Said Goodbye Today.” The children in the book recount their favorite activities from the past year. We discussed what some of our favorite activities have been. It was hard for the children to pick just one! After the discussion, the children chose a picture of themselves engaged in one of their favorite activities. They then dictated the words, or text, for their own page in our class book. The result is a collaboration by all the children. We hope it will help you and your child share memories from this past year.

Separation is central to a three-year-old’s experience, and it is also a process which continues through adulthood. At the beginning of the year, our task was to help the children separate from home. Now it is time for us to separate from each other. We are very proud of the way the children have adjusted and learned to be part of school. Thank you for sharing your child with us during these most precious years.

At our center we only have one kindergarten class, so all the pre k classes participate in the graduation. This year my class will do a skit for the Wheels on the Bus. I painted a huge bus on / refrigerator boxes cut into a “L”. Then put chairs behind the boxes. The children will sit in the chairs with their faces showing through the windows of the bus(cut out rectangles spaced equally apart. The children are dressed like the people on the bus (driver, mommies, daddies, baby, children, etc.). The background has house, trees, street, and people all made from cardboard boxes.

Graduation Gown –

Last year we had each child bring in an adult size small or medium t-shirt weeks before graduation. With fabric paint (of the schools colors), write the school name across the bottom (or on the back) of the shirt. Then write the child’s name on one sleeve and the year or date on the other sleeve.

Each child in the class would place their handprints on each shirt, then write the name of each child on the shirt (between the handprints).

This makes a great memento of the child’s graduation (also handy as a night shirt)

This is a song that I created for my Pre-K graduation ceremony. It is written to the tune of “California Here I Come”

Kindergarten here I come, preschool’s where I started from.

Where I to run and jump and play

And sharing and caring, ABC’s and ‘s

When I started I was small, now I’m getting oh so tall.

My teacher is so proud of me. Kindergarten here I come!

While performed movements while singing the song. It turned out really cute. The kids loved singing it and the parents enjoyed hearing it.