Preschool Halloween Games

I took 11 sheets of large green construction paper and labeled them 0 – 10. I then cut out 55 pumpkins. My students just love putting the correct amount of pumpkins into each pumpkin “patch.”

During Halloween, we play Halloween Bingo. I make bingo cards using recognizable Halloween pictures such as bats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, etc.. I divide each card into 9 equal squares and cut and paste copies of pictures into the squares and laminate. I make sure that each card has 9 different figures, but not all cards will have the exact same figures (you’ll probably need at least 12 different figures). One of each of these pictures is put onto a “draw card” and one card at a time is drawn and called, at which time the children playing cover the matching picture. You can either play to get 3 in a row or blackout. We use candy corn as bingo markers then have a sweet snack when the game is over.

Make a Jack-O-Lantern on one side of a heavy cardboard box. Cut out the eyes, nose & mouth big enough that a bean bag can go through it. You can make it lean back by cutting out the opposite side of the box and along the bottom of the two adjacent sides. You may need to use the back part to build braces to support it where you want it. Make bean bags and let the kids throw it through.

During Halloween, we learn how to sort. One of the things we sort is wrapped candy. I ask each child to bring in a bag of candy and they may sort it according to the type of candy, the color of wrappers, size, etc.. anyway they can think of. At the end of class we divided the candy equally among the children. This is a great activity for them around Halloween time. I also tell them that after they come home from Trick-or-Treat they should sort their candy to show their parents what they have learned.

EASY GAME TO PLAY!!!! Buy pumpkins of all sizes but not to big the kids can’t pick them up.(they like little ones) Hide them in the yard and let the kids find them.You can also tape candy to them. It is fun to if you put streamers around the trees and fence.