Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Songs


My days in preschool are almost done, I’m off this summer to have some fun.
Then on to kindergarten I will go. (My teacher says I’m ready, you know.)
I’ve learned my colors and my shapes. I know the difference between monkeys and apes.
I can sing and I can paint. I know to say “not” instead of “ain’t.”
I know some letters and their sounds. We learned our streets and our hometowns.
I can help and I can listen, Be nice to friends, but no kissin’!
I’m ready to learn to read and write, And I know how to share, not fight.
There’s so much I already know. It’s been lots of fun to learn and grow. I’m a preschool graduate-way to go!

We did our graduation this June and we had a really cute song included in it. it’s called “We are proud to be preschoolers” it goes:

We are proud to be preschoolers and we learned to do things well,
We can play so many games now like the farmer in the dell.
We have learned to color pictures and to make things out of clay
And we know a hundred stories, we are read to everyday.
We learned to pledge allegiance and we promised to be true,
To God and to old glory the dear red white and blue.
We have learned fair play with others and every classroom rule,
We’ll be glad when it is August for it’s then we’ll go to school.

This is sang to the tune of “My Darling Clementine”

I know letters, I know shapes.
I know that purple stands for grapes.
I know red and white and blue.
I know green and yellow, too.
I’ve made friends and know how to share.
What is wrong and what is fair.
I Know what policemen and mailmen do.
Firemen and nurses too.
I’m an artist, I can paint.
I try hard not say ain’t.
I have rhythm, I know sounds.
I’ve had ups and I’ve downs.
I have worked all year as you can see.
There now , aren’t you proud of me.

Graduation Song (Mary Had a Little Lamb)

We are here to graduate, graduate, graduate.
We are here to graduate – on this special day.
Patti and Daylene are here to graduate, graduate, graduate (fill in with students names. Students stand when their names are mentioned.)
Patti and Daylene graduate on this special day.


Ten tiny little fingers
That always want to play,
They never stop exploring
The wonders of today.
Ten Tiny Little Fingers
I knew right from the start,
Would reach out for tomorrow
Yet always hold my heart.