Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Art

I teach a pre-kindergarten class and my kids love this 2 day project. Every child should have plain white t-shirt, fabric paint and fabric pens. Have each child put their hand prints on the front with the year in-between the hands. On the back you can have all the kids in your class sign their names. You could also have the class make one for you. What a great thing the kids will have to look back on later in life.

This year for our preschool graduates we are making T – shirts. Each child brings in a new white shirt. The whole class takes turns painting their hand prints on each other’s shirt. The teachers use fabric paint and write each child’s name inside the handprint. We then write the name of our school and the year. It’s a very cute keepsake.

Here is an easy way to make graduation hats:

Purchase some black party hats (with the elastic string) and some black poster board. Cut off about 2 inches from the bottom of the party hats and cut the poster board into 4-5 inch squares.
Hot glue the party hat onto the poster board square and then hot glue a gold ribbon “tassel” to the top.
Let the children decorate their hat with stickers, crayons, etc.

Presto! A cute personalized hat that stays on easily!

Here’s an easy and fun idea. Make a large graduation hat out of poster board. Let the children decorate it. All graduates will hang rings from it and the tassel on the top will be used to hang it up. Each day the child will cut off a ring and when they get to the top it is graduation day! (Ex: like the rings used to count down xmas!)

Collect samples of artwork throughout the child’s years in child care and use the graduate’s artwork for decorating the walls and tables. Parents, grandparents, and children enjoy walking around looking for their child’s creations.

For our Pre-k class we made a very cute memory books which contains: their handprint, writing sample, drawings of their family and friends, a picture of them with their teacher and a letter from their parents so when they grow up they can read it.