Post Office Games

Mail File folder game: Matching a set to its written numeral.

Materials needed: 1 file folder, clear contact paper,scissors, markers,stapler, zip lock sandwich bag, white copy paper

Procedure: On a piece of paper draw a simple mailbox shape, the mailbox should have a flag. Then draw a small envelope. (The number of mailboxes and envelopes will depend on the age group that you are working with). On the flag write a numeral. On the envelope put the same number of dots. Cut these drawings out. Place the mailboxes on the inside of the file folders and cover with clear contact paper. Cut out the envelopes and cover with clear contact paper. Staple the sandwich bag to one side of the folder to store game pieces.

How to play: The child will need to match the dots on the envelopes with the numeral on the mailbox.

Variation: Put the same number of dots on the side of each mailbox.

Color each flag and envelope a different color and the child can match color sets.