Post Office Art

Post card designing:

Materials needed: index cards, markers, magazines, scissors, glue

Procedure: Have the children decorate one side of the index cards. They can cut out magazine pictures and glue them on one side. They can draw with makers, or a combination of the two.
When finished they can write a quick note to a family member and mail it to them. Or, they can mail it back to the school for a friend in the class.

Making postage stamps: Using a 5″ x 8″ piece of paper have the children trim the edges with craft scissors to create a “fancy” edge. Teachers may do this themselves if they prefer to. The sizes of the paper used can also be modified. After the paper is prepared have each child draw their own picture on the “stamp.” In one of the corners have the child write or dictate the cost of postage for their stamp. I’ve laminated them and hung them in the dramatic play area where the Post Office is set up.

Using small squares of contact paper let the children create and design their own stamps, then write little notes to your friends in class and use your stamps to “mail” them.