Positive Guidance For Preschool Children

positive guidance

Positive Guidance Tips

Over 50 tried and tested ideas submitted by teachers
for teachers and parents of preschool children.

To get the kids’ attention I say “123 eyes on me” and the kids say “1-2 Eyes on You!” Works get and the kids love it.

At times I would have a difficult time getting the children to put their shoes back on. This was usually after we would play indoor games such as hopscotch, or dress-up. I came up with the smaller girls pretending they were Cinderella and I was the “prince” trying to see if the “glass slipper” fit the appropriate girl. Works great!

To get my children’s attention I sometimes use this simple phrase – 1,2,3 eyes on me! It works!

We took a pair of old Large size jeans and sewed the bottom of the legs shut. Then we stuffed the pants with batting and used Velcro for the waist so that it can be easily washed. The children always have a lap to sit on. We usually let the special line leader sit on it at circle time. It is also great for your library center.

We were having a problem with tattling in our 4-year-old Pre-K class so my assistant and I came up with tell the turtle. There is a big turtle on the wall at child’s eye level and if someone needs to tattle they can “tell the turtle”.

“Tattle Tell Thursday”

Several years ago, in my class of three-year-olds, the tattling got out of hand. One morning during our circle time one little boy started to tattle and I told him that it was not tattle tell day. A little girl then asked me when could they tattle. I quickly answered that they could tattle on Thursday. When Thursday rolled around, they reminded me while we were singing the days of the week song that it was Thursday and they could tattle.

I held to my word and let them tattle all day. After that week when a child would start to tattle, I would ask them what day it was and if it was not Thursday they would smile and go work the problem out on their own. After a few weeks, the tattling stopped even on Thursdays.

Several other teachers have adopted “Tattle Tell Thursday” with their classes and have been pleased with the results. Of course, we know that some tattles need to be listened to but a specified tattle day does eliminate all of the “little” tattles.

I recently attended a seminar by Dr. Becky Bailey. One of her ideas for behavior problems is to give positive choices. It goes something like this: “You may sit on the floor or you may sit in the chair, which would be best for you?”