Popcorn Songs

This is a chant that I do with my three year olds. It is very easy!

Pop! Pop! Pop! Put the corn into the the pot. Pop! Pop! Pop! Shake and shake it ’til it’s hot. Pop! Pop! Pop! Lift the lid and what have you got? Pop! Pop! Pop! POPCORN! (the kids love to shout this at the end!)

We clap during the “Pop!” parts and act out the other parts. It’s fun and fairly simple.

Popcorn Chant

Begin by everyone slapping thighs then clapping hands. When they have rhythm begin chant

You put the oil in the pot and get it real hot.
You put the popcorn in and get a big grin (Smile)
Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle (move hands back and forth)
Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle Pop!

We then pretend to add condiments like salt, butter, whatever the children think of to our popcorn and then everyone takes a taste. When our popcorn’s all gone, we make another batch and sing the chant again. It’s one of our favorites.

Sung to: I’m A Little Tea Pot

I’m a little popcorn in a pot.
Heat me up and watch me pop.
When I get all fat and white, I’m done.
Popping corn is lots of FUN!

(Everyone gets down very low for the first part of the song. At the end jump way up high together on the word FUN!

Pop Goes The Popcorn (Sung to the tune: Davy Crocket)

Pop goes the popcorn
Can’t you see!
It is jumping
Just like me!
I can’t wait until it’s done
Then I get to eat it, oh what fun!

Popcorn, oh popcorn!
You make my tummy hum!