Popcorn Games

Put a clean sheet on the floor and have children sit around the edge of it. Get an air popcorn machine and remove top and let the popcorn fly all over the sheet having the children catch them and put them in their own bag. (they may eat some at this point but they need to save some for the Math project.) Put some powder paint of their favorite color in bag and the child shakes the popcorn and dry paint to coat the popcorn with color. Get a large sheet of paper and have the child drip the colored popcorn in glue and glue down the popcorn. This can be in several different Math ways. You can number a place for the child to glue down one piece in the numeral one place 2 pieces where the number 2 is written or so forth. The child can do simple math addition or subtraction using the popcorn. Or other children could share their colors and they can do a pattern or they can make popcorn shapes. The ideas are endless.

Take a large sheet and place it in the middle of the room. Place the popcorn popper in the middle of the sheet-this is popcorn lake the children may not enter the lake. Place a few pieces of popcorn in the popper and have the children watch where it lands. Then give each child a paper with their name on it to put anywhere in the lake. Then when the popcorn is done popping glue the popcorn on the paper. I gave out stickers to the child who had the most, the least, or the same as anyone else. We counted the popcorn on each sheet of paper as a class.

Get the parachute out. Give the children a piece of white paper each and them crumple them. Put them on the parachute and wiggle the chute to watch the popcorn pop and fly. Try using different colors or sizes to talk about where the small yellow piece of popcorn went.