Pizza Games

Pizza Puzzles

You will need tag board and small stickers for this puzzle

Cut a 12″ diameter circle out of any color tag board. Decide how many pieces you want to divide your puzzle into. The age of your children will determine this. Younger children-less pieces. Draw lines across the pizza marking where you are going to cut the pieces. Take the stickers and put one sticker near the “crust” on one side of the line you have drawn. On the other side of the line place the same sticker. You will put another pair of stickers on each side of the lines you have drawn. Make sure that you use different pairs of stickers and do not repeat. In other words you will need as many different stickers as you have made pieces of you puzzle. Now cut on the lines and see if the children can put the pizza back together. Show them how to start with one of the pieces and then look for the piece that goes next to it. I often make theme puzzles by using all underwater life stickers or all farm animal stickers.

Need a gross motor pizza activity? Outline a slice of pizza on the floor with floor tape. Next, cut pepperoni, olives, mushroom, cheese and crust shapes out of laminated construction paper or tagboard. Use these pieces of pizza toppings to decorate your slice of pizza that is on the floor. Make sure that they are taped down well to avoid slips and slides. Have students watch you move and label the parts of the slice of pizza (for example I stepped on pepperoni-cheese-crust) It is a sequencing, gross motor, and perceptual as well as language activity. I’ve used this in my special education preschool classroom and the kids love it.

Pizza Box Shuffle!

You will need two medium sized pizza boxes, lids taped shut. Cut a hole in the top of each pizza box lid, big enough for children’s feet to fit through. Let the children take turns putting their feet in the boxes and shuffle across the room!

Decorate a round piece of cardboard to look like a pizza with markers or construction paper. Cut the pizza into “slices”, using irregular cutting lines to form a puzzle.

Cut out shapes of pizza toppings from magazines or print from your computer. Then glue onto cardboard. Optional to last longer laminate them (clear contact paper works for laminating if a machine is not available). Place a pizza pan onto the floor and have the children stand a ways away from the pan. have them try to throw the pizza shapes onto the pan to make a pizza. It is also neat if you cover the pan in orange paper to act as the sauce/cheese. Once topping made it you covered the pizza. It may be a little challenging, but it is also very fun for them.