Pizza Art

Pizza Aprons – Cut a brown grocery bag into a shape of a pizza wedge. . Cut a half-circle on the fold at the top for the children to wear their pizza slices on their front and back. Kids can color/paint and decorate the pizza slices!

This is great for your bulletin board, and the kids get to help. First you will need a large sheet of white paper cut into a circle. Have kids paint red for sauce. Then you will need a variety of things for toppings. Be creative. We used pieces of yellow yarn for cheese, red circles of felt for pepperoni, black buttons for olives, shiny green sequins for bell peppers, etc. Another way to do this individually, is to cut triangles of cardboard for each child to have their own slice of pizza.

We paint with pizza sauce on the easel using a pastry brush. It is messy, but a great sensory activity.

I like to use this art activity in my pizza unit. The children take a round paper plate and color it red for sauce. Then they are free to create any type of pizza by adding shredded yellow and white paper for cheese, pink triangles for ham, yellow triangles for pineapple, red circles for pepperoni, brown circles for sausage, etc. It is a great time with glue and creating.