Pirate Songs

When I was one, (hold up one finger)
I sucked my thumb, (hold up thumb)

On the day I went to the sea. (right hand over brows, look from left to right) I jumped up on a pirate ship, (jump up in the air) And the captain said to me; (low man’s voice, bring right hand up to salute over brow, stand very straight)


This way and that way, (high pitch voice) ( bend body left to right) Forward and backward. (high pitch voice) (bend body front to back) Over the deep blue sea. (normal singing voice) (make water waves with hand)

When I was two, (hold up two fingers)
I tied my shoe… (bend down to tie shoe)

When I was three, (hold up three fingers)
I slapped my knee… (slap your knee)

When I was four, (hold up four fingers)
I shut the door…. (pretend to shut a door)

When I was five, (hold up five fingers)
I took a dive… (hold both hands together as if to dive)

(Sung to This Old Man)
This pirate
Has a hat
Where a skull and crossbones sat.
With an Ar,Ar,Ar,
And an Aye Matey!
This pirate sailed 0n the sea.
This pirate
with a patch
sailed the sea without a scratch!
With an Ar,Ar,Ar,
And an Aye Matey!
This pirate sailed on the sea.


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