Pirate Art

Cut a shape that resembles a pirate’s eye-patch either out of black construction paper or black foam sheet. Make a hole at either side and thread through a length of string (we used gimp). Tie the string around the children’s’ head. My preschoolers loved the eye patch and their faces painted with black face paint (either on the cheeks or around the mouth- chin) to make them look like pirates.

For pirates we made pirate hats, eye patches and beaded necklaces for when we went on our treasure hunt. We also let them sword fight with foam noodles.

When we did our pirates theme, we cut cloth triangles large enough to make pirate bandanas for the children. They painted them with fabric paint, and when they were dry, we wore them, (along with eye patches which we made on another day) and had great fun acting as pirates on a ship we made from a table.

Pirate Head bandanas:
Get muslin material or a light weight cotton material and cut it into a bandana (large triangle). Have the children decorate their bandana using fabric paints and a variety of household utensils or items such as: a spatula w/ cutouts, a potato masher or a dish scrubbier, etc. Let the children wear them at a pirate party.