Pig Art

Can’t recall where I first saw this but my 3’s(and their parents) love it. Remove child’s socks and paint the toe pads of one foot with pink paint – you’ll probably need to have the child sit for this. Gently lower the child’s foot onto a piece of white paper – thus “fingerprinting” the toes. Repeat with the other foot. Wipe toes clean and replace socks and shoes. When the paint is dry, use a fine black marker to draw ears, little dot eyes, and a circle nose with two little dots inside on each toe print. We call them Piggy Pigs and number of my parents have framed them.

We did a unit on the three pigs and we colored mud puddles with chocolate pudding. It was a great new texture. Make sure that they wash their hands before because they are sure to take a taste!

Three Little Pigs – As a group, make three houses for the pigs, 1 each of real straw, paper twigs and sponge painted bricks. Put a pig in each house.

A nice art project I have done with my 4’s during farm week is to glue a pink pig cutout onto green paper and draw a fence using magic markers around the pig, Give each child a small bowl of chocolate pudding (Jell-O Instant) and allow the children to finger paint their pig in the mud. It is fun to lick your fingers clean after this project.

Torn paper pigs: We gave the children an outline drawing of a pig and many types of pink paper (construction, tissue, etc..) They tore small pieces of the paper and glued them on to their pigs. The pigs have a neat texture and they look great.

Muddy Pigs

You will need a pig shape for the children to cut out. Have the children place the pigs on a table. Give each child some shaving cream with brown tempra powder sprinkled on it. Let them have a ball playing with their “pigs in the mud.”