Picnic Songs

Sing this song:
We’re going on a picnic and we’re teddy bears!
We eat and we eat until our tummy’s are full!
We eat our apples and our bananas, but not our pears!
The picnic lasts forever and our lives are never dull!

During circle time, have children, one at a time to repeat, ” I am going on a picnic, my name is _______ and I am going to bring ___________. Have them to bring an item that has the same beginning sound as their first name. If you have older preschool children, have them to repeat everyone else’s and add theirs to the end! This is great fun and the kids love it!!!!

Have each child have something you would take on a picnic such as plastic food, napkin, plate, cup, blanket. Put a big picnic basket in the middle of the circle. Sing the following song as the child with that item puts it in the basket. Going On A Picnic Going on a picnic Leaving right a way If it doesn’t rain we’ll stay all day. Did you bring the ______? (name a item a child has) Yes, I brought the _____. (have child with item sing above verse) Here we go.