Picnic Snacks

How about cookie “Hamburgers”? For each child you’ll need 2 Vanilla Wafers and 1 Chocolate wafer cookie (like “Thin Mints”). You’ll also need red and yellow icing, and coconut tinted green. Put the icing in plastic ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles. Then let the children squirt “ketchup” and “mustard” on the vanilla wafer “bun”, add a chocolate “hamburger”, squirt a little more condiment, then top with coconut “lettuce” and the top “bun”. You’ll probably want to make more than one a piece! (A note: they’re easier to eat — i.e., not as crunchy — if you refrigerate them for several hours before eating.

Maybe make a batch ahead of time to nibble on, then they can take another ‘burger home!)

For a picnic snack, you could use a celery stick and spread peanut butter on it. Then take some raisins and place on the peanut butter to represent ants. My kids really liked this idea and they had fun doing it.