Picnic Art

Picnic mural :

First – have children create various picnic food art (ex:Watermelon -by gluing a pink half circle paper onto a slightly larger green half circle of paper then use black marker or crayon to add seeds onto pink paper, S’more- by using 2 brown construction paper squares and 1 black paper rectangle and 1 cotton ball assemble it to look like a s’more) 2nd have children sponge paint with square shaped sponges and red paint onto large white mural paper to create picnic cloth (let dry) 3rd have children glue foods onto picnic cloth * add pre cut ants as “picnic guests”

Using paper plates for each creation, have the children paint with plastic utensils such as a fork, spoon and knife using picnic food colors (pink-watermelon, brown-hotdogs, hamburgers, yellow mustard, red ketchup etc). When dry display on a cheap plastic red checked table cloth with the painting utensils. Lots of fun and conversation pieces!!!

Create a picnic blanket all your own! Bring in an old, but clean, white sheet. Provide a few colors of fabric paint and brushes for children to use. Let children create anything they like onto the sheet. Once your personalized picnic blanket is dry have a picnic! Picnics are great indoors on a rainy summer day!

Cut a paper red and white checked tablecloth into sections about 10″ x 10″. Give each child a piece of green construction paper and have them glue on their tablecloth. Next pass out small white, or patterned paper plates (the cheapest ones work the best!) Let everyone hunt through magazines for pictures of food they want at their picnic. You can have a lots of cut out food for younger children to select from. Glue food on plates. Last let children dip fingertips in black paint, or use a stamp pad to make three dots in a row, add black marker lines for legs and you have a picnic complete with ants!

We made picnic bags, folding paper into half and attaching handles on both ends, which are made from twisted rice paper taped in the middle. We talked about things that they would bring to picnic, then cut and pasted those things, such as pizza, sandwiches, soda, fruit, ball, kite, dog, etc. When inside the bag is full of food and other things, children can decorate outside the bag drawing nice places for picnic. They loved pasting food shapes and showing them off to each other opening the bag wide.

Cut the shape of a pitcher out of paper, give the children empty thread spools, have them dip them in light yellow paint and make lemonade in their pitchers.