Pet Science

I took a small amount of pet food placed it into Ziploc baggies and then took it to circle time for exploring and language development. We took turns looking at and feeling each baggie and of course we talked about what kind of pet would eat this food. Then I found a sticker for each kind of pet and the kind of food I brought and put them on the baggies. Then I put them in the science area for further exploring. I brought in dog, cat, bird, fish, and rabbit food for them to check out. I also made sure there was a big difference between the cat and dog food. We then talked about how animals don’t eat people food and we don’t eat their food either. They really enjoy looking at all the different kinds pet foods. My class is four but I feel even the younger children could enjoy this activity.

During the dog unit, I put dog bones the treats. Cheap brand Milk-Bones into the table. I covered them in little plastic baggies and taped shut. I gave the children magnifying glasses to look at them with. The 2’s and 3’s loved it and some thought it was neat to learn about them since they didn’t know about them!

This is a wonderful time to add a live animal to your science area, or into the classroom. Bring in the empty cage with all the necessary items for it, and bring the animal in a separate box (or bowl, whatever works 🙂 This is a great addition to a classroom, and teaches children about “gentle touches” and responsibility. Depending on what your parents and children are like, this is something that can go home with a child for the weekend. My kids loved it, and it seems to have a calming effect on some of my wilder children!