Pet Games

For pet week, one of the ideas I use helps children learn their colors. You start with dog bones of every color. I have a paper with a picture of a dog and his bowl. When the child can tell me the color of a bone, they get to glue it in the dog bowl. very colorful and the children like this one the best. We also count how many dog bones they have in their bowl.

For math readiness I have the children count dog bones when we read “Old Mother Hubbard” .This is great because the kids who have dogs can bring them home after and give their poor dog a bone.

All the children are sitting in circle. One child hides a “bone” but sitting on it while another goes into a corner and closes his eyes. All the children chant: Doggie, Doggie where’s your bone Somebody stole it from your home Guess who? Scooby Doo Come out Doggie!! Then the child has three guesses of which child it is. Then the cycle continues.

Prepare a file folder or large piece of paper with pet homes, such as a fishbowl, dog house, bird cage, etc. Find pet shapes-I was able to print the animals from my computer, (I have an excellent graphics program if any one is interested and it was cheap cheap!!) The kids love matching the animals to their homes!!!!

For our pet unit, I made dog shapes (from my graphics program) with various shapes such as a circle, square etc. (also good review of shapes) Produce bones with the matching shape and the kids can match. They loved it! They were able to “feed” the dogs with the bones!

For our group time activity I prepared a graph (and laminated it for future use) I printed animals from my computer and placed them on the bottom of the graph. I used pets such as a dog, cat, bunny, fish, bird, and horse. At group time we discussed pets and they kids put on X for their favorite pet, the kids could easily see what pet was the favored and which pet was least favored. This was also a nice intro to graphing!!

Dog, Dog, Cat similar to Duck Duck Goose. Children sit in a circle and one child walks around the circle tapping children on the heads as he/she says dog, if the child says cat then the person tapped runs after the child, the child tries to make it back to the picked child’s spot. The kids love this game!!!!!

This game is called doggy, doggy where’s your bone?

One child goes into the middle of the circle and covers their eyes. The teacher gives a bone to one of the children. All of the children place their hands behind their backs. The children then say this chant…..doggy.doggy where’s your bone somebody stole it from your home .Guess who guess who? Could it be you? The child in the middle then opens their eyes and tries to guess who has the bone.

Play this game like Simon says except it is the “trainer says”. You could use: lie down, beg for a treat, roll over, speak, scratch your ear, and wag your tail, etc.