Pet Art

I had a photocopied picture of a fish bowl with a house and sea plants drawn inside. I had the children use crayons to color over the plants and color the house in. We then used watered down blue tempra paint and painted over the entire bowl. The paint doesn’t cover the wax crayon and it has a beautiful effect. When it was dry, we had them pick fish stickers to place in their bowl.

Calico Cats: The KG teachers at my school have the cutest idea for making calico cats. Simply cut out a cat shape from white construction paper. Paint it with glue/water, then have the children lay on small squares of orange, white and black tissue paper. Jiggle eyes and yarn whiskers complete the project! (You can do this with any other “pet” shape that you wish, just change the color of tissue paper you use.)

Fishes in a bowl: Use wallpaper samples and a fish stencil. Let the children choose what “pattern” of fish they’d like, and trace and cut it out. The fishes can be glued to a white construction paper bowl. (Or if you’re really into recycling, visit your school’s laminating machine and get scrap pieces of laminating film to cut into the shape of fish bowls.) Glue sparkles/sequins at the bottom of the bowl for the rocks.

Lint Guinea Pigs:

Ask parents to save dryer lint. Glue lint onto a toilet paper tube or a stuffed sock. Add pompom eyes and felt ears.

Here’s a fun art idea for pets week. Cut out large fishbowl shapes from white paper. With crayons the children can draw the water, sea grass, pebbles or sandy bottom of their pretend aquarium. Using sponges cut into a simple goldfish shape stamp on “fish” in bright orange and yellow paint on to your fishbowl. The children enjoy the stamping and the project can be varied in detail according to the child’s age and level of interest.

An idea I used was let children use Popsicle sticks to glue a pet house on to construction paper. They can then magazines to cut out pets and glue in their homes.

Handprint pet. Have the child make a handprint using paint, after it is dry, allow child to add ears, eyes, nose, legs (paws) or whatever they would like to create a handprint pet!

During our pet theme I give children precut shapes of different colors and have theme create their pets by gluing the shapes together however they want. This is an interesting activity and encourages children to utilize problem solving skills as they try to form an animal out of simple shapes.