Penguin Snacks

Penguin Snack You will need: 2 black olives, 1 toothpick, cream cheese, slice of carrot (to create a circle). Slice carrot to create a circle, cut a small triangle out of the circle (this becomes the feet). Stack 2 black olives (vertically) on top of the carrot slice and secure with a toothpick. Use triangle shape from carrot to make the nose (press into top olive). You can slice the bottom olive, or leave alone and add cream cheese to create the white belly of the penguin.

Marshmallow penguins. 3 large marshmallows for each bird. Cut two black wings and feet from constructions paper. Cake decoration balls used for eyes. Straight pretzel for beak. Lick marshmallow and place on feet (should stick). Lick and stick the 3 marshmallows in line. Lick and place on wings. Poke in pretzel for beak and shot (balls) for eyes. Children can eat their penguin.

Penguins: one Oreo cookie. Twist off one side and break into two piece. These are the wings of the penguin. Put back on other half with white side showing. Spread two pieces out like wings. Add a chocolate kiss as the head and beak.