Penguin Games

Penguin mommies and daddies carry their babies on their feet so that they don’t get too cold! Take small stuffed penguins and show the children how to waddle slowly with the penguin on their feet. Its a great way to transition from one activity to another or to play relay races.

For penguin week we played penguin hopscotch. I made paper rocks and taped them to the floor. The children threw a fish bean bag and then hopped across the rocks to “catch” the fish. The children had a great time with this.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Penguin

Play this just like Duck, Duck, Goose only change the words. Players must waddle like penguins around the circle until they reach the empty spot and sit down.

Penguin Relay

Divide kids into two teams. Have players at start of line put ball between their knees and waddle to a finish line. Carry ball back to teammate next in line who in turn waddles down. If ball is dropped, they must return to start and begin waddling again. Winning penguins are those that waddle fastest without dropping their ball.