Penguin Art

Make a penguin hat. use black construction paper and roll up like hat tape on sides. use orange paper for beak and white construction paper for eyes, black marker for pupil. get kids to walk around like penguins in their new penguin head hats!

We celebrate Penguin Week by making handprint penguins. Have the child tear pieces of aluminum foil into several large pieces. Glue these pieces into an iceberg form on a piece of blue construction paper. Have the child make a fist and paint the side of the fist by the little finger black. Make several prints on the “iceberg” with the black. They will look like black candy canes. Next, paint the child’s index finger white and print right next to the black. This is the penguins tummy. Finally, dip child’s thumb in orange paint and make two prints at bottom of your black and white print. These are the feet. Use just a tiny amount at the top for the beak. You can add wiggle eyes if you like, but these penguins look great just like they are.

My kids like getting messy so i had the idea of making penguins using there feet and black paint.

paint their feet and print them on white paper. add eyes and nose . then paint the middle white

it’s messy but they sue enjoy it good luck!!@

We made Penguins using half pint milk chug cartons. I sprayed glue on and the kids put feathers on the chug container and added eyes and a beak cut from orange paper.

We “fed” our penguins counting out goldfish crackers and putting them inside! Some of the children wanted to “crunch” up the crackers like the mommy and daddy penguin do!

Collect paper egg cartons; then cut apart two cups for each child. To make a penguin, glue two cups together. Paint the resulting egg shape with black and white paint to resemble a penguins body. Glue on a triangle shaped beak construction paper wings, flippers. Then glue on wiggle eyes for a finishing touch.

Paper Plate Penguins: For each child you will need a: Paper plate, four long ovals cut out of black paper, a circle cut out of black paper big enough for the head of the penguin, two googly eyes and a triangle cut out of orange paper. Attach the black circle to the paper plate body of the penguin on top. On the sides of the body, glue two of the long black ovals, these are the wings of the penguin. The other two, long black ovals should be attached to the bottom as feet, sticking out the side just like a penguin. To the head of the penguin add the google eyes and orange triangle (beak). When the children do this, the body parts won’t always be put in the right place making them look even cuter. Read one of many cute penguin stories to go with this project. Walk like penguins when lining up to go somewhere. Ask the children if they want to give their penguins a name.

Take a potato and cut it long ways. Another potato cut it in half so you have a smaller size. You take black paint and place potato in paint and place on white paper. Take smaller potato and use white paint and put in the print of the black. You have a black print with the white tummy of the penguin. Add a beak and feet. Too cute!!