Pen Pals! A Great Way to Keep Them Writing This Summer!

Enjoy this flashback tip I shared last summer!

My lovely cousin, Holly, asked me if my kids would like to be pen pals with her kids over the summer and I hastily replied, “Yes!” Holly is a teacher and knows what good writing practice this will be for our kids. I’m thankful for her initiative, as this was one of those things I was wanting to do this summer but wasn’t sure I was going to get around to starting.
Our kids have never met, and so this is a great way for them all to get to know each other. It’s also fun for them all to get real mail in the mailbox. And coming up with interesting things to write about, or clever letter-writing ideas will be cool too!

Holly’s kids sent fun little pen pal boxes to mine to get it all going. My kids were psyched to open their package and start using their stuff. My older son did great with reading his letter he received, and my daughter got to writing back immediately (my littlest one was most excited about coloring in his new coloring book)!

My kids, of course, wanted to pick some fun things out too, and we sent those off to their pen pals last week. I found I fun little “All About Me” worksheet (thank you Pinterest) for my kids to fill out and include in their package they sent. It was a good prompt for them, as they were suffering from a bad case of What-should-I-wriiiiite-itis the day we sat down to write our first pen pal letters.

We’re already planning to find some fun postcards to send while we’re on vacation later this month. Photos from summer activities will be fun to send as well. I’m hoping we can get creative and keep it fun. Any writing practice is great, and pen pals are a great way for kids (especially little ones) to understand some of the purposes of print.

Share your creative pen pal writing ideas in the comments. How/what are your kids writing this summer?