Patriot’s Day Curriculum

Make an American flag using the children’s hand-prints and footprints. On a large piece of white paper, use their feet for the red stripes. Paint the corner blue and then add their hand-prints for the stars.
The children love this – and so does everyone else!

My director requested that each class prepare an art project to display in our lobby (our child development center is located in a YMCA). I cut out the shape of the USA (almost 9″ by 11″) in red, white, and blue paper. I let each child pick which color “USA” they wanted to paint. We then gave them small bowls of red, white and blue glitter paint. They painted their “USA” with those “bristly rings” made of rubber (available at Oriental Trading. Then we glued their painting to a different background color paper (for example, if a child chose a red USA, we offered them either blue or white for the background. Next, they sprinkled very tiny, golden, holographic stars (from Michael’s) over their projects. They turned out adorably. The kids really got into mixing the paint colors, too!

P.S. This project was done in a High/Scope school–that’s why color choosing is significant.